The funniest climate post

Here is the funniest post in the entire history of climate blogs.

Inventor of Mann-made global warming feels the heat

This blog’s hero of the week is Ken Cuccinelli. He’s the new Attorney General of Virginia and he’s about to launch quite possibly the most delicious and worthwhile law suit in the entire history of litigation:…

Here is what is possibly the funniest comment in the entire history of climate blogs

I would like to propose that we form a “Phil Jones Devotional Circle”, and put a nice logo on our personal and organisational websites, linking through to a page here at RealClimate (or elsewhere) that extols the virtues of said Phil Jones, and catalogues his many great achievements.

Said funny comment continues:

I think it’s about time we had a page explaining just how much we venerate and adore Michael Mann, for example. And James Hansen. And Malte Meinshausen. And Tom Wigley… There’s such a long list…

Do not, for a moment believe that the affirmists lack a sense of humor. In their breaks between marathon sessions of sophisticated psychosurgery, grist-twittering and start-here-clicking, they do find time to make jokes.

Recent progress on complex systems and nonlinear network information theory suggests that many information transfer and evolution processes exhibit characteristics that are effectively modeled by RW or its variants
(example of a RealClimate joke)

What is the most ironic post in the entire history of climate blogs?

The honor goes to RealClimate (who else). On November 17 (of all days), a post appeared explaining what paleoclimatologists are good at…

Because the growth of trees is radial, as trees get older and the diameter of a tree increases, annual ring widths decline in thickness. This is the normal “growth function” that is commonly removed from measurements before further analysis is carried out. The trick is to do this carefully so that as much climate information is retained while the growth function is discarded, and dendroclimatologists know how to do this quite well.



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