Climategate Kidney Stone

For those who expected a positive outcome from the Climategate email review chaired by Muir Russel, knew that nothing good would come out of it, but hoped in a tiny corner of your hearts otherwise

Update (Jul 8 ’10): As noted in comments below: someone has ended up saying: “Three strikes, you are out”, but they put a question-mark at the end of it. Does that mean you are not out at the end of three strikes in climate change science? Everyone knows this is not the end.

1) Los Angeles Times: After three strikes, is the Climategate scandal out?



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  2. Oliver K. Manuel

    The international alliance using science as a tool to deceive the public is much, much bigger than the CRU group that Muir Russel investigated.

    It included the US National Academy of Sciences (NAS), the UN’s IPCC, the Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee, the Alliance of National Science Academies worldwide, federal research funding agencies (NASA, DOE, EPA, etc) the most prestigious science journals (Nature, Science, PNAS, etc), the news media and world leaders.

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel

  3. dougie

    nice track Shub, never heard of them before (old codger now 50+).

    i’m going to visit for your views on climate,music & whatever.

    try ‘Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Ha Ha High Babe’ sums up the temp discussion maybe? 🙂

  4. dougie

    hee hee (mosher style)

    now that was funny shub, where do you get them?

    shouldn’t laugh, but it raises the concern that we all (climate debacle aware) think now.
    I used to trust these guys (experts) to inform me, not any more without a good look at their data/evidence.

    anyway to show how old i am :

    listen to – Captain Beefheart-blabber & smoke (the first time i thought about looking after the planet thru music).

    keep up the the good work

  5. Shub Niggurath

    I got that video from the Onion News Network website. They seem to be well-produced dont they?

    Yes, Captain Beefheart is something I have *no chance* of having heard, but for your suggestion. 😉 I can see now how old you must be. Hee hee.