Crispin Tickell and TERI-Europe

Marlborough House, London

Marlborough House, London

On the website of Crispin Tickell, noted British diplomat and environmentalist, one notices a curious thing.

The European arm of TERI has increasingly come under the scanner recently for financial irregularities, but things were different going back in time. When TERI-Europe was launched in London in 2000, a veritable galaxy of luminaries and personages was assembled[1] at the imposing Malborough House. Sirs John Houghton and Crispin Tickell were present at the function in their capacity as ‘advisors’[2] and were addressed by the emerging charitable organization’s director RK Pachauri in his welcome speech[3].

Crispin Tickell Website

TERI-Europe listed Crispin Tickell as one of its trustees for many years on its website[4]. For instance in 2009, Ritu Kumar, director and secretary for TERI-Europe was not listed as a trustee, but Sir Tickell was [5]. So was the case until quite recently when such details disappeared from the TERI-Europe website and Tickell and Houghton became ‘advisors’ once again.

Coming under media spotlight when irregularities in the TERI-Europe accounts were uncovered, Houghton wrote back to Australian broadcast researcher, Sashka Koloff that he had “never been” a trustee for the organization. We might assume that Crispin Tickell shared the same fate all these years, being listed as a trustee unbeknown to himself.

This is where the curious bit comes in.

On his website, Sir Tickell lists himself as a trustee of TERI-Europe[6]. The page, online since 2006 provides the specific year, 2003, when he became a trustee[7].

Tickell - Trustee of TERI-Europe since 2003


1.TERI-India. Catalysing Indo–European endeavours to combat global threats.  2000

Among those present at the inauguration were Shri Nareshwar Dayal, High Commissioner of India to Britain; Sir Nicholas Fenn, Former High Commissioner of Britain to India; Prof. Sir John Houghton, Former Chairman, Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution; Sir Crispin Tickell, Director, Green College, Centre for Environmental Policy and Understanding; High Commissioners of many Commonwealth nations; representatives of the Department of Transport, Environment, and the Regions, Government of Britain; and numerous senior executives from Shell, Unilever, and the Department for International Development.

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Advisory Board
Mr Tom Burke, Adviser to British Petroleum
Prof. Sir John Houghton, Former Chairman, Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution
Mr Clive Jones, Retired from the European Commission
Mr J R Krebs, Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Oxford
Mr Rudy H P Markham, Director, Unilever plc
Sir Crispin Tickell, Director, Green College.

3. TERI-India. Catalyzing Indo–European endeavours to combat global threats: TERI-Europe is launched, 2000.

Welcome Address by Dr R K Pachauri, Director, TERI
Rt. Honourable Mr John Prescott, Deputy Prime Minister of Grea Britain, Your Excellency Dame Veronica Sutherland, Deputy Secretary General of the Commonwealth Secretariat, Your Excellency Mr Nareshwar Dayal, High Commissioner of India to Britain, Members of the Board of Directors and the Advisory Board of TERI-Europe, distinguished ladies and gentlemen!

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Trustee of the Reuters Foundation, now Thomson-Reuters Foundation 2000-
Trustee of TERI Europe 2003 –
Trustee of the Foundation for the Future 2007 -.

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