REDD: this is called environmentalism?

In the climate debate, we are told everyday that environmentalism and stewardship for the environment is a special type of thinking. This runs counter to the usual type of thinking – business-as-usual – your weekend game-watching on the big screen TV, driving around in your big SUV to local malls or drinking water in plastic cups and chucking cola cans into regular dustbins.

Apparently these people have this special type of thinking.

1) Eric Bettelheim, an author and CEO of Forest Landscape Development, a company that invests in products that “have a carbon and commodity value” believes turning nature into a tradable[sic] resource is crucial for protecting it.

2) “We would have liked to see the markets included as one of the options, but I think that this is an acceptable way,” said Duncan Marsh, director of international climate policy for The Nature Conservancy.

3) “If it proves successful, this market will value wildlife and co-benefits to sustainable communities, tigers, elephants, great apes and critical ecosystems around the world,” [Robert] Zoellick said. (Robert Zoellick is the World Bank President)

The problem arises when people monetize everything and forget about nature. The secret to environmental thinking lies in monetizing nature and forgetting about everything else.