Louise Gray and the Death of the Kyoto Protocol

Sometimes, in the climate change debate, you come across something that makes you want to kill yourself. Just to spare yourself the sheer horror.

Louise Gray, in the London newspaper website, The Telegraph

The Japanese have refused to sign up to a second commitment period of the treaty, even though it was named after a city in their own country.

Here is a screenshot, for posterity’s sake

Climate Horror - Death of the Kyoto Protocol

Either that, or Louis Gray and the Telegraph have an super-advanced sense of delicious irony that none can appreciate.

My proof? Look at the caption for the photo of David Cameron. Apparently David Cameron “has been attempting” to contact his Japanese counterpart.

Really? Can it be that difficult? Maybe he should have tried making a phone-call.

Perhaps,… his Japanese counterpart does not want to be contacted about Kyoto, one would think. I would do the same if a door-to-door salesman were to pester me incessantly.

No wonder ‘Cancun’ turned into a zombie land conference.


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