Monbiot and the climate race card

All it took was to turn away a bit, and a certain Mr Monbiot was going off once again. His recent mission – cleansing the entire internet, of its fancied ills and hobgoblins.

It was a week back that Mr Monbiot saw ‘astroturf libertarians’ disrupting ‘democracy’ from playing out. The key here, if you wish to understand Mr. Monbiot – ‘democracy’ is but the handing down of high wisdom, from the illumined few to the plebieus commenteriat.

The present business for Mr Monbiot is supporting his friends at Leftfootforward, in all their floundering lameness to play racism games at Richard North.

These are, let us remember, the same nutcases who were easily impressed by an Oxfam-commissioned Profero report – all 120 pages of secret stuff about the climate skeptics, because tucked away somewhere in there, if we are to believe them, is a mention of Leftfootforward.

What must have stuck in their craw however, are three prominent points in the ‘skeptics network’ – EUReferendum, Richard North and ‘Umbrellog’.

Skeptics Network

They are not alone in though. Battling to get newspaper article retractions – a favorite climate scientist pastime – this ‘professor of physics of the oceans’ was aghast that a single blogger should have such profound influence on the climate debate.

It is thus that things start to make sense – the only way to take down a free-thinking marauding horde of climate skeptics is to try and garrott the prominent figure in a miasmic fog of political correctness. The normal way – to meet one’s opponent is reasoned debate – did not work.

There is a reason for why things got here, Mr Monbiot. It is because influential people like you have gone off wandering in global warming fantasyland, and there are people who can, and will, speak truth to power with biting wit and eloquence.

Unlike your mock playground at the Guardian, Mr. Monbiot, we say what we want at the Umbrella Blog. You, on the other hand, do not hesitate to indulge in your ‘egregious fabulism‘, even as we speak:

But I would be reluctant to ban people from the site. I want this to be a place – unlike North’s site – where people can have fierce disagreements

The world witnessed first-hand a fine and telling example that showed the exact opposite. The resulting story, about RK Pachauri and his finances, is recounted very capably by commenters from the EUReferendum forum at  this very blog. People cannot have fierce disagreements at the Guardian, Mr. Monbiot, nor can they at your personal blog website – you know it and we know it.

The cloying lies are disgusting after a point.

We know how your friends at fare on this count, we know the racism story peddler Joseph Romm’s record on this as well.

There is a reason for this too, Mr Monbiot. It is the same reason, that $7-an-hour trolls, the automaton NGOs  and the precious progressive organizations cannot capture the climate debate. It is because there is no soul, there is no heart, there is no mind – there is only the bags of money and the loads of cluelessness.



  1. John Archer

    Tee hee. Nice one, Shub.

    And so polite, too! I don’t know how do you manage it. 🙂

    Yes, nice self-control.

  2. E Smith

    It is worth pointing out that Monbiot is an extreme right wing, ultra conservative opposed to progress of all kinds. He has sided with liberal progressives for tactical reasons. It is not uncommon in green circles.

    God of the Soil

    The peculiarities of the *Abrahamic religions – their astonishing success in colonising the world and #their dangerous notion of progress# (now inherited by secular society) – result from a marriage between the universal god of the nomads and the conditions which permitted cities to develop. The dominant beliefs of the past 2000 years are the result of an ancient migration from soils such as xerepts and xeralfs to soils such as fluvents and rendolls.

    At Easter, the Christian belief in a permanent resurrection is mixed up with the pagan belief in a perpetual cycle of temporary resurrection and death. In church we worship the Christian notion of progress, which has now filtered into every aspect of our lives. But, amid the cracking of easter eggs and the murmur of prayer, there can still be heard the small, faint voice which reminds us that our ecological hubris must eventually be greeted by nemesis.

    * Originating with the Jews around 1500 years before Christianity.

    Eco fascist articles