Climate hawk Joe Romm: flying high and stooping low

You know,…Joseph Romm the draconically voluble climate blogger has been trying to differentiate into some species of a bird. He seems to be settling toward becoming a hawk. For example, and these are just a few examples, you can see: here, here, here, here, here and here.

One guesses that the transformation must be easy: climate hack -> climate hawk.

Frequently enough Romm the policy lad, talks of the president of the United States Barack Obama in quite the familiar terms. Apparently, Romm tells us, when it comes to the climate debate Obama is a baby hawk, an ‘eyas’.

What’s an ‘eyas’? An eyas is an unfledged nestling hawk, taken from its nest so it can be trained to hunt.

So, that’s the implication here. Romm fancies that he and the climate fraternity have taken Obama the baby eagle from its nest and under their wing – to give it their climate training. Although as Romm notes more recently – it appears the training never went well from the beginning.

In any case, given that Romm talks so much about national policy and White House politics, it is surprising to note that he endorses comments such at these at his forum (reproduced below).

Comment at about EMP devices and coal plant disruption

A comment at

This is quite disturbing, at the venue of someone nestled so close to the seat of power. Is this what being a climate hawk is about – giving suggestible people ideas on how to destroy power plants? Or maybe that is the problem with hunting—you don’t know who else is rushing the prey with you.

What is more interesting is that this comment passed scrutiny. How? No comment ever escapes the eagle-eyed attention of  Joe Romm the hawk, at his blog. You want proof? Say something, …anything, mildly critical, – it will be picked clean and the bones scattered to the winds. His own baby hawk commenters – even those that are fighting their inner hawk – know this themselves:

Comment at - keeping it clean and pure

How does someone whose main aim is asking for government largesse, become a hawk in anything? Perhaps, violent and ‘punchy’ metaphors are not suitable when all you want to do is persuade the administration to dole out subsidies for your favorite toys.



  1. omnologos

    they’re no hawks. As shown by all their repeated attempts at taking advantage of any disaster to push their climate agenda, they’re vultures and they feed on human corpses.

  2. andyscrase

    I have always felt that this will end in violence. The comments you screen capped above tend to suggest this may be true.

  3. Edward

    Has he gone [Romm] off the reservation?

    Stephen King, has uses an amusing saying in one of his books: “We do not have a village idiot in this town, we take it in turns.”

    It always leads me to think of those adolescent boys at ‘Real’? Climate.

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