The vultures of climate change activism

Earthquake Aftermath in Misawa and Hachinohe, Japan (Flickr)

Responding in this earlier post on Joe Romm, Omniclimate pointed out that climate change activists were akin to vultures, rather than hawks.

Quite a handful could not resist the temptation to ‘link’ ‘global warming’ to the tsunami that has struck the east coast of Japan, in some way or the other.

It is evident that there is truth in what he says – it is as though they wait in the wings for disaster, and then utter the word ‘global warming’.

If we turn to the same Romm post, we can find evidence for this pattern of thinking – the yearning, the existential ache, for disaster of some kind to be caused by ‘climate change’, so the final orgiastic release can occur. “Aaah! I told you so”.

Comment at – Waiting for Climate Hiroshima

When the need to convince others of one’s view, is greater than their desire to live, the realm of ‘science’ and ‘policy’ has long been crossed and left far behind.

When mind-numbing disaster strikes, leaving us humbled and becalmed, Richard North wrote yesterday, there would be ‘very little to add’. The blogs go silent; the raw images and the reports – for as long as they are able to make it through outside – tell the story far better.

But where there is death and destruction, the climate vultures circle the skies and force the hand – there is something to add. And it has been added:

The tsunami wasn’t cause by a “supercharged” storm surge, you moron. It was cause by a supercharged 8.9 earthquake that had fuck all to do with climate change and everything to do with the fact that Japan sits on top of a bloody huge subduction zone. To link this natural catastrophe to the AGW gravy train is beyond disgusting.

Thus does Lynne at CountingCats lets loose an enormous blast. She has spoken for all of us, amidst the self-indulgent pussyfooting that carefully avoids the central factorum – that climate activists write stories like this is no accident or misstep, it is a logical outcome.



  1. Tom Yulsman

    Just for the record, in the post you labeled “pussyfooting,” I called the Grist article “yellow journalism,” and I pretty much tore it to shreds. So I’m wondering just how you thought I was weak in my criticism of it.

  2. Shub Niggurath

    Starting with the 2003 European heatwave, and then with Hurricane Katrina, the Russian heatwave, the floods in Pakistan, the floods in Queensland, the regime change in Egypt and now earthquakes off Japan’s coasts – all have been ‘linked’ to global warming.

    If I am not mistaken, current available scientific evidence does not support this kind of ‘linking’ in any of the above instances.

    Yet, none of the above natural disasters,… even the present earthquake… were spared!

    Criticizing a single journalist, or ‘calling out’ on any individual journalist, therefore, is only addressing part of the problem. Something else is going on here.

    The reasons for this happening lie elsewhere. Why blame individual journalists for it?

    I don’t think you were weak in your criticism. The Grist journalist obviously respects you and he heeded your word.

  3. omnologos

    Tom – Shub is right. Why stop at Mims? There’s an entire collection of yellow journalism awaiting you at Numberwatch.

    Your “pretty blunt critiques” will surely do wonders.

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