Tim Lambert: peaking at the right time

Tim Lambert, one of the world’s best science bloggers has a brief post. It looks like this:

Australian computer scientist Tim Lambert blogs

With this, Lambert cements his reputation as a science-friendly site. I think he has accomplished this by staying on top of things and keeping abreast of the news.

Either that, or now that the Australian government looks to impose a tax on ‘carbon’, climate science bloggers there can finally bask in the glory of their success and talk about boobs and snakes.



  1. Greg

    Hmmm… Ok, I’ll bite…

    Is silicone toxic? Or was it Saline? In the latter case the poor snake probably had a sore throat and needed some salt water to gargle with…

    Boas bite, but they don’t suck, they swallow… Um… I don’t think I’ll go there….

  2. Shub Niggurath

    The snake bite was about a month ago. The Daily Mail reported on the snake’s death now. Lambert’s tunnel vision has caused him to bash on the newspaper, when a simple search reveals that many news outlets are ‘capitalizing’ on the event, across many countries.