Realclimate Irony Fail

A post has appeared on the scientist popularizer blog Realclimate where they have, of all things, posted this cartoon.

Realclimate isn’t exactly the brightest bulb (when it comes to these kinds of things) but this just takes the cake for cluelessness.

The Climategate Miracle

Why would you post the same cartoon that appeared on Climateaudit the day your own website was allegedly hacked? This was the same day your server security was compromised and thousands of emails obtained from the Univeristy of East Anglia including several from your star performer Michael Mann, were released by the hacker/leaker, alluding to this very cartoon: “A miracle just happened”. This was the very miracle that gave birth to Climategate.

And to top it off, the post in question is a hostile ‘review’ of author and scientist Roy Spencer’s book ‘The Great Global Warming Blunder’ and they had to choose this day, of all days, to put it up.

This is what is called a ‘climate communication problem’ – some parts of your thinking mechanism are not communicating with others.



  1. omnologos

    Gavin has absolutely no idea of how to argue any position. If he were championing evolution Creationism would be mandatory lesson by the UN Charter by now.

    The one miracle is whatever made the RC backers think it a good idea to make him and the Team the “faces” of a plausible AGW

  2. Shub Niggurath

    I think I made a mistaken assessment here.

    Previously, I thought that the appearance of this Realclimate post, on this tornado day, was a coincidence.

    But I am now utterly convinced that it is not.

    Look at the last comment Realclimate allowed on this thread:

    It’s great news that Spencer, one of the world’s top climate scientists, is alive and well. There are few scientists who understand atmospheric physics like he does.

    [ now now, be nice. – moderator]

    Could you please tell me, why, if this above comment was offensive, even in the least bit, would Realclimate allow it to appear at all? Every comment that makes it through at Realclimate is as much the contribution of the commenter as the moderation itself. What is allowed through is what they want to say.

    You have to understand the mind at work to allow/craft this type of message through. These are the same guys that read the maximum meaning possible behind the E&E publisher’s email to Gavin Schmidt. Absolute masters at academic ‘snark’- one and all of them, completely soulless.

  3. omnologos

    Shub – don’t you remember? They want us to explode. They do (just read any Greenfyre blog and its comments – and I could give you a couple of links of really nice people posting in Italian). So if we’re just alive with plenty of death and destruction around us…

  4. Shub Niggurath

    I read this Greenfire person’s latest posts. I found this about ‘teh deniarrs’:

    I had thought that they were merely politically motivated, close minded, frightened people egged on by a corporate driven profit agenda.

    Increasingly I am convinced (by them) that we are dealing with a hysteric, desperate[sic], terrified mob driven by ideologues.

  5. hro001

    Talk about a classic exercise in projection, eh?! It never ceases to amaze me how blind (deaf?!) these people are to the maxim that he who asserts must prove.

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