Skeptics cruise on the Alaskan high seas learning about climate change

Sometimes you wonder where to bury your face. As you might know, the University of East Anglia recently refused to release climate data in its custody, when requested under FOI (in itself an embarrassment, but we’ll save that for later). When the world is coming to an end, the first thing to do is to use your secret climate data to write as many papers in high-impact journals as possible, I guess.

A curiously similar thing seems to have gripped our ‘skeptical friends’ whom I just began to consider. Firstly I stumbled by accident, upon one of their ethereal abodes: Surely, the steady march of wordly superstition and the pressing Internet takeover by the skeptics’ many nemeses –,,,, etc, must have prompted them to hastily acquire this domain for their crusade. On the homepage however, just below the benign smiling faces of their leader and his associates, a prominent advertisement is displayed. See for yourself:

Skeptics Alaska Cruise

So,… as it dawned upon them that the skies are about to fall on our heads due to climate change, the skeptics have, in response, decided to take a luxury cruise to Alaska. “See the glaciers before they are gone!” – that’s the catchphrase (no kidding). What’s more, the skeptical denizens who will board the cruiseliner MS Oosterdam for their sojourn, will listen to lectures on climate change. They will be told how “glaciers work and the climate changes” and about climate “evidence from the ice cores”. The second day seems particularly heavy-duty: lectures are from 8 in the morning to 5 in the evening.

I am sure it’ll go easy for the speakers though – there won’t be too many questions or any doubts.



  1. Shub Niggurath

    The skeptics will go “orca whale watching”, “horse-drawn trolley riding”, “glacier clambering”. No skinny dipping.

    They will discuss and talk about ‘denialism and climate change’ though. Going on a cruise in order to gossip about deniers, i.e., people who are not around….how much more morbid can this get?

  2. mike williams

    Haha..but have you met hard core sceptics who belong to sceptic groups..?
    I have..
    Many/most are quite prepared to follow the line on world views/”consensus”..since “thats what science is about”.
    Very rigid mindset which is protected from counter claims by cognitive dissonance walls as thick as the ice the cruise liner in your photo is gliding by..

  3. Orson Olson

    I have before me a “rebuke” to climate denialism from the “Skeptical Inquirer: the Magazine for Science and Reason” (SI) last July/August, p. 56 – a rag I subscribed to in previous decades, but now only pick up on rare occasion. One John R. Mashey wrote a short piece entitled “The Twenty Year Effort To Create Doubt About Climate Change,” an old Bell Labs computer scientist now in Silicon Valley.

    Using desmogblog as his source, he denounces the alleged mischief of “some of the same people” who addict children to cigarettes, thereby making deceptions about the fact of climate crisis easy. (I guess it’s always 1990s, or the 1970s, or some other decade permanently for some folks.) Or else these nimrods, he claims, haven’t noticed that their own Southwest was in permanent water parched drought, stressed by climate change. Never mind that it officially ended in California this past spring, or that Lake Mead will benefit from 20 or 30 feet from “drought” from the Colorado River basin this summer.

    Beyond mere lying, “[s]ome people manage to believe multiple contradictory reasons, as long as they oppose science. Some even call themselves skeptics while doing this, but they obviously use the term differently than SI “. Oh well, never mind.

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