Time magazine’s Bryan Walsh: Fossil fuels cause global terrorism

We know that ‘global warming’ causes everything. We know that ‘fossil fuel funding’ causes skepticism.

Did you know that fossil fuel funding ’causes’ Osama bin Laden? Journalist Bryan Walsh thinks so:

Born and raised in the petroleum cradle of Saudi Arabia, bin Laden was able to finance a global terrorist network thanks to the wealth crude oil had brought his homeland—and to America’s addiction to the stuff.

From ‘fossil-fuel funded disinformation campaign’ to ‘fossil-fuel funded terrorism’, everything is caused by fossil fuels. The implication is clear enough:

Why this tortured, circuitous logic from a Time magazine journalist, we might wonder. Mr Walsh answers that question himself:

It can happen to any journalist—major news happens, but not on your beat. What do you do? You look for any entry point you can. But we don’t have to stretch too far to examine the implications that al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden’s death might have on global energy markets—and especially oil

Indeed, Mr Walsh, indeed – no stretching is required. ‘Global warming’ and climate change is indeed connected to everything – from tornadoes to Osama bin Laden.

I wonder if answering questions as and when they arise fuels any skepticism.



  1. Donna Laframboise

    When a mainstream journalist, employed by Time magazine, no less, uses the term “addiction” in this manner that’s the tip-off.

    That’s how we know we’re dealing not with a professional, hard-nosed reporter but an ideologue.

  2. pyeatte

    Without the oil market, countries in the middle-east would have nothing to sell, which would not be good. Everyone has to eat. Oil is just their way to survive – nothing wrong with that. Oil does not cause terrorism – evil people do, and that is the choice some groups make.

  3. West Houston

    The “Oil Industry” is already undergoing a “Massive Fundamental Change”. After a century of accepting the leakage of the source rock….
    Ya know what? I don’t want any of you people to have the information I was about to reveal.
    Have a good evening!

  4. Sundance

    I would imagine a self-imposed embargo on domestic fossil fuels, whose reserves exceed those of the Arab world, might also fuel terrorism as it forces the US to buy fossil fuels from countries that support terroism. We shouldn’t expect much from Walsh as his journalistic objectivity has fallen victim to his fanaticism and ideology.

  5. Shub Niggurath

    Two days ago, Walsh wrote again in Time magazine, quoting another blogger that:

    The 2011 Canadian election is very bad news for the climate movement.

    It appears here, that there is a collective wisdom, a movement, a being, far more important than the very political future decided by the people voting for it. This happens to be the ‘climate movement’.