The Stockholm Memorandum and The Great Structural Solution

Jiang Qing in the 1930s

The world’s best scientists, a gang of 17, gathered in Stockholm recently and issued a ‘memorandum‘. One representative of the world’s best climate scientists (a.k.a Realclimate), approvingly identified the memorandum’s objective—to demand global-scale “immediate emergency measures as well as long-term structural solutions”.

In that memorandum, was the passage:

Keep global warming below 2ºC, implying a peak in global CO2 emissions no later than 2015 and recognise that even a warming of 2ºC carries a very high risk of serious impacts and the need for major adaptation efforts.

Jiang Qing one of the notorious Gang of Four, a powerful political clique in the 60’s and 70’s in China, was a Shangai actress when she married Mao Zedong in 1938. Due to her bourgeois prettiness and young age, the Communist Party allowed the union but required that she stay away from the public eye. Trapped in a marriage to a powerful man which she was forbidden to openly acknowledge, the ambitious Jiang Qing retreated behind resentment and paranoia. Francis Wheen in his Strange Days Indeed, writes about ‘Madame Mao’ (page 153):

The seeds [of Mao’s paranoia] were lovingly nurtured by Mao’s wife, Jiang Qing, a hysterical harridan who lived on a diet of tranquillisers and sleeping pills. All the rooms in her various houses had to be kept at a constant temperature of precisely 21.5 degrees centigrade in winter and 26 degrees in summer, but even when the thermostat confirmed that her requirements were being met she would scream at her attendants: ‘you falsify tempterature! You conspire to harm me!’.

Jiang Qing in her later years played an important role in the Great Cultural Revolution. She controlled virtually all of the media and propaganda network in China.

Its funny how she controlled both the temperature and the media.



  1. andyscrase

    Keep global warming below 2ºC, implying a peak in global CO2 emissions no later than 2015

    Do they really mean 2015, or is this another one of those typographical errors?

    4 years time to stop any further CO2 emission increase seems a tad optimistic by any stretch of the imagination.

  2. hro001

    The U.K.’s The Economist didn’t seem to find it “embarrassing”! In fact, they appealled to the “authority” of this Memorandum as part of their campaign (for want of a better word) to convince readers of “The Anthropocene” – a brand new geological “epoch” – dreamed up some 10 or 11 years ago by an ozone guy, and glommed onto by some post-normal “ecologists”.