Climateprogress blog murder

Once upon a time there was a famous climate blog called It was run by a guy called Joseph Romm who liked ‘debunking’, self-linking, putting heads into vises and posting pictures of tea parties.

Sure, Joe Romm was paid to do what he did, and Romm obviously had it good (blog during weekdays and take weekends off!). Sure he practised a strict regime of censorship on his website, but so do Gavin Schmidt, Michael Mann, Grant Forest, Deep Climate, Climate Kate, Tim Lambert, desmugblog, Stoat Connolley and many others in the consensus side.

Nevertheless Romm clearly did his own thing in his own little corner of the web, – where he hung out with his Dragon Naturally-generated logorrheic diatribes, small shark-jumping cartoons and his cute weekend open threads with the fainting eco-depressed ladies. Frequently Romm would open up his blunderbuss on his own team: Roger Pielke Jr, Mathew Nisbet, Roger Pielke Sr (among many, many others) and hilarity would ensue. Sure he got paid doing what he did, but in return he scrubbed denier comments all day and listened to the eco-wailings of the same sixteen people for years on end—amply compensated indeed.

But tragedy has struck. The Center for American Progress has taken Joe Romm’s blog, obliterated its domain name and dumped it. Sure Romm still says he’s the boss, sure he says its the same as before, but we know better.  The ‘thinkprogess’ home page shows not a trace of the brand-name ‘climateprogress’, in name or in url. Joe Romm himself is sandwiched off in one corner, between two other people Matthew Yglesias and someone called Alyssa, and next to an acronym ‘LGBT’. I had to go look that one up – apparently it stands for ‘lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender’. Look for yourself: it looks as though Alyssa, Romm and Yglesias are three different ‘lesbian and gay’ bloggers.

Romm - The good old days

And worst of all, in order to comment on the new blog, one has to apparently register on this new-fangled thing called Facebook. It was not easy before but at least possible, to post comments for Romm to delete but now one can’t even do that. Now you have to stand in line, fill out an application, agree to a ‘privacy policy’ and then, have your comment deleted.

So there you go, the world best climate blogger, stuffed with Alyssa and Yglesias and the gays and lesbians.



  1. Maurizio Morabito

    I think the LGBT link is misleading…yes it is next to Romm’s but it’s not like Romm has been put in the LGBT group. If you click on the other links you’ll see what I mean.

  2. Shub Niggurath

    That’s my point – it is misleading. You’d think the graphics/blog theme designer would do a good job at lining up their author names in a more unambigious fashion.

  3. andyscrase

    LBGT is another “right on” cause so I am sure Joe Romm has no problem with the association

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  5. golf charley

    Shame really. Romm was one of the best assets for the sceptical view. Constantly drawing attention to the most daft ideas.Maybe that was why Climate Progress got pulled. Too many own goals

  6. Tony Hansen

    Thanks Maurizio, made me smile.
    Is he the one that can’t see the wood for the trees?

  7. tallbloke

    Thanks for the lolz!
    SPeaking as someone who had comments deleted by Rommulan reactionary recidivists on several occasions, I’ll bid him good riddance.

  8. Barno

    I get the feeling that Romm is writing (speaking?) less, since most of the posts are by others. And I get the feeling that his Rommulan comment veto may have been taken away, since there seem to be more viewpoints represented. They still look moderated, but by someone who is not such a maniac.