More public relations, marketing and climate change

Recently, I stumbled upon some blogs which struck me as somewhat short, of the customary good sense of humor on encounters on the skeptical side (laughing long and excitedly, at poor jokes and suchlike).  These shall remain unnamed because people don’t generally take well to being called out for that. Consensus blogs of course are excused, because they don’t have a sense of humor – all serious and purposeful, and all that.

We learned recently, that the University of East Anglia employed the services of a marketing and public relations outfit called Outside Organisation, to shore up the CRU’s reputation. These are the people who teach our celebrities how to flash their plastic smiles, accidentally-strategically have their trashy pictures taken by paparazzi flash-photography etc.

So, without much ado, in order to correct the ‘balance’ in the universe, here’s Bill Hicks on marketing and advertising.