In April 2009, Canadian journalist Donna Laframboise started her blog like this:

What had brought her to that stage? Apparently, it was her electricity bill.

It is completely understandable. In Canada, not only can you get ripped off by bills like these, you have to read the bonus brainwashing material they put in as well.

But more importantly, whenever the Canadian government sends this kind of stuff to peoples’ homes, something really bad happens. Think about it – it was these geniuses that printed the hockey stick and sent it to Steve McIntyre’s home. Here they printed the WWF stuff and sent it to Donna Laframboise’s home.

This is what they’ve gotten back in return

It’s a great read, to say the least. The IPCC has some major answering to do, given the revelations in this book. Even hard-boiled climate debate veterans will be slack-jawed at the advanced stage of activist infection that grips the IPCC.

IPCC criticism has gone mainstream with this book.



  1. andyscrase

    Yes it is a great read and an easy one to follow too.In that respect, we should shove this under the noses of all our political leaders.

    Top marks to Donna

  2. Dan Walker

    It is a great read, easy to follow and understand. I notice the one star review from Peter Gleick and will not say if he has read the book or not I don’t have crystal ball. His comments are strange though, why doesn’t he talk about what is written?

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  4. Barry Woods

    My ‘I’ve had it’ moment came,

    when my daughter (5) came home from school with a picture of ‘polar bears and ‘co2’ and she started turning the lights off, because, when asked ‘ the polar bears are dying because of humans’ and she cried.

    This was just after all the Copenhagen hype, where the conference video, had a child running and leaping into a tree, screaming, because of inrushing sea levels.. That gave her nightmares, and she was asking about the child for months..