Climategate II and ‘Decarbonization’

This is the vision the Climategaters have for society:

Standing outside with a solar cooker, fully decarbonizing

This is the vision they have for themselves:

Drinks with umbrellas (and enough bokeh for James and Jules)



  1. trubba man

    I would give Prince Charles, Al Gore, Laurie David, Naomi Klein, etc, a considerable amount of respect if they adopted and lived the sort of low-carbon lifestyles they seek to consign the rest of us to. And I don’t count Prince Charles’ garden next to his palace.

    I would also like to hear their rationale for not having done so. I presume they would say that their message is too important for them to live humbly, hence it is unfortunately necessary that they travel the world to exotic destinations, lobbying governments, media, etc, with their ever-so-regrettable big-ass carbon footprints and that, when the time comes, they too will live simply.

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