Christopher Hitchens passes away

I heard the news that Christopher Hitchens has died.

I was reminded of the so-many intellectual midgets who crawl parasitically in the climate debate. They survive because their very lebensraum is defined by the considered opinions of others, in the middle of which they position their own.

Hitchens had said in this regard:

The truth cannot lie, but if it could, it would lie somewhere in between

Settling down in the middle is easy because you don’t have to have an idea or thought. You only need to know how to mark out territory. This brings endless advantages, chiefly, the ability to constantly indulge in territorial wrangling and pass that off as new thinking.

In this regard, Hitchens:

If you care about agreement and civility, then, you had better be equipped with points of argument and combativity, because if you are not then the “center” will be occupied and defined without your having helped to decide it, or determine what and where it is

I hope his words are not lost on those who sacrifice principle at the altar of expedience.



  1. Al

    He was one full of himself and destructive of others. May he rest in peace and maybe now he meeta Mother Theresa of Calcutta whom he had tried so much to denigrate, without any success. Shame on him

  2. sHx

    Mother Theresa was a medieval reactionary who saw more value in ‘comforting the dying’ than ‘treating the ill’.

    She also didn’t mind embracing bloody tin pot fascist dictators because they embraced her warped worldview.

    The upside of Hitchens’s death, if there can be any, is that the Vatican may now release the papers Hitchens submitted in his capacity as the Devil’s Advocate when the issue of MT’s sainthood came before the Catholic high priests.