Lord Hansen of Grandchildren

I learned from the Guardian newspaper website in the UK that James Hansen is angry at Lord Lawson and the Global Warming Policy Foundation. As per the Guardian, this is because the foundation “…routinely casts doubt on the work of climate scientists”.  This is quite puzzling. Shouldn’t James Hansen be thankful to Lord Lawson for this?

One has to travel not far in Britain before stumbling into a tangle of quasi-governmental institutions— the Press Complaints Commission, the Information Rights Tribunal and the like. The consensus is finally manning up after years of whining about Freedom of Information requests. They realise they can submit requests too(!). Only Hansen and his friends failed to notice, that Lawson and friends are private individuals whereas they have whole nations and governments behind them in tow. Nevertheless, they approach the Information Rights Tribunal.

Why? one may ask. Sheer jealousy, what else! Lawson and Benny Peiser have apparently been so successful in getting media exposure, that it has turned the GrandChildren of the World into an endangered species. In Hansen’s cosmology however, he is supplicating the Tribunal for Lawson’s sake. He seeks to prevent Lawson and colleagues from being judged as having “committed crimes against humanity” by said GrandChildren and the  “…eventual conviction of these people in the court of public opinion”.

What about people who stand convicted in the court of public opinion, today?

The Guardian article carries further details about how Hansen imagines of establishing some nefarious link with fossil fuel companies and the GWPF. One can almost see Hansen,  dreaming every night, of obtaining private emails, letters and documents, which show a vast network of motivated individuals, working as one to achieve a common but distributed goal, funded immensely and interminably, …



  1. diogenes

    Having checked at the Charities Commission website and based on accounts which go up to 2010:

    GWPF received £500k income
    Greenpeace £2.7m
    WWF-UK £56.7m

    oh and the shady Grantham Institute where Bob Ward works- him of the fast fingers – has a grant of £12.8m over 10 years from the Grantham Foundation, which is as opaque an organisation as you can imagine as it is not a registered charity nor a company.

    It seems as if GWPF is fighting above its weight!