John Cook and his award

Following all the questions raised about his blog John Cook has managed to respond. Or not.

Cook says that people complain about his penguin pictures and creative logos. Please visit Head Asploder Joe Romm where he calls Richard Lindzen, William Happer, Roger Pielke Sr, John Christy and a host of others, ‘fools’. Who does he turn to for support? John Cook of course.  You can see this page where Cook has rounded up pictures of sceptical scientists and has them displayed as though they were a bunch of common criminals, with their mugshots in a gallery.

Climate Misinfomer Gallery at

Cook thinks that the ‘attacks’ on his website have increased after he won an award. Unfortunately, he has the chronology in reverse.

In reality Cook was ‘attacked’ before he won anything (for e.g). And the ‘attacks’ were directed at the ‘science’ he presented. Only he deleted them, tampered with them, or ignored them.

And then he won his award.