Realclimate blows irony gasket

I ran across this in Realclimate today. Realclimate has a history of doing this kind of thing (see here, and here).

But the following passage takes the cake:



  1. hro001

    Well, I guess since the myth of “the big oil lobby” isn’t holding up too well for them these days, they’ve decided to go with another “martyrdom du jour” meme! But I couldn’t stop laughing when I read your clip from RC! Sends one’s irony meter into orbit 🙂

  2. Oliver K. Manuel

    The basic framework of the US NAS, the UK RS and the UN IPCC will be rebuilt if past policies are reversed and all relevant information is now included – not just those which support one stand.

    Their old policy left world leaders unaware of the workings of “The Sun – The nuclear furnace that made our elements and sustains our lives.”

    If hyperlinks in that document don’t work, try

    A friend asked me to prepare this one-page summary of 50 years research. Since the experimental observations provide no indication of anything special about the Sun or the existence of life on the stellar debris that remained behind to orbit the pulsar after the Sun exploded five billion years (5 Gyr) ago, it appears that the evolution of life may be a natural occurrence on planets throughout the cosmos.

    Since communications is not my forte, questions/comments would be appreciated.

  3. Paul Matthews

    The Realclimate approach to free speech:

    0208.txt: “thanks for the update re CA–caught a hint of this latest fuss in a comment that came in at RC (which we deleted from the queue). ”

    2743.txt: “Gavin and I (having consulted also w/ Malcolm) are wondering what to make of this, and what sort of response—if any—is necessary and appropriate. So far, we’ve simply deleted all of the attempts by McIntyre and his minions to draw attention to this at RealClimate.”

  4. Paul Matthews

    Just posted at RC-

    “This also means that all relevant information must be included – not just those which support one stand. ”

    Is this why you have such a wide range of views represented in the blogs in the panel on the right?

  5. Shub Niggurath

    Reader Bob B handed Gavin his posterior.

    Gavin is on record stating that Realclimate readers are like guests at their dinner table. Apparently that only works in one direction: when climate scientists decide to have dinner, the whole world becomes a table, and they say whatever they want.

    Examine their linking to Katharine Hayhoe’s story of the ‘dropped chapter’. Does Realclimate think that Hayhoe has a right to publish her chapter in whomsover’s book she has chosen? If she so badly wants to write her chapter, why doesn’t she approach a publisher to broadcast her thoughts independently?

    In other words, Realclimate thinks they, as climate scientists, automatically have a right to exert public influence through any political channel of their choosing. If they decide to make inroads into Christian Middle America, everyone should just stand aside, cheer and throw flowers at them.

    All this would be laughable, but for the horrendous record of the members of the Realclimate gang – in suppressing the free exhange of ideas and speech – Schmidt, Mann, Steig, Rahmstorf, Connolley – each and every one, on their blog and in their dealings with critics.