The Silence of the Pandas

In June last year a 45 minute film ‘Der Pakt mit dem Panda’ (‘The Pact with the Panda’) was broadcast on German TV to a reported audience of 900,000. Made by by journalist and documentary film-maker Wilfried Huismann, it examines the two-faced nature of the World Wildlife Fund (examined briefly in an earlier post here). The WWF in Germany initially prevented the film from being broadcast in its original form from the advertisements for the film.

The producers subsequently removed three claims that were brought under dispute and the documentary was broadcast. A version with English narration called ‘The Silence of the Pandas’ was released and is available on Youtube.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV



  1. alexjc38

    Here’s an article which makes very similar points to the Silence of the Pandas film:

    If I’m reading him rightly, the author is arguing that “old-fashioned activist strategies” get results, but that green organisations falter when there is too much corporate involvement and “greenwash”, etc. Another factor is surely that when such organisations get larger and more established, the bureaucrats tend to take over and the goal of the organisation becomes self-perpetuation rather than the purpose for which it was ostensibly set up.

    I also get the sense that the green movement generally seems to be rather prone to splitting – other examples of this would be the Sea Shepherd/Greenpeace schism and the recent contretemps between greens who embrace nuclear and those who don’t.