Shub Niggurath Climate

Dear Reader,

This has been a while coming. The blog will go into hiatus now. All available articles will remain accessible.

When I started, I wanted to do in-depth work. Among the articles I wrote, those on electric car manufacturer Coda, wind turbine manufacturer Suzlon, the Amazongate scandal, data availability in science, the IPCC SRREN, Skepticalscience and finally, the WWF, would qualify. Many of these were picked up by prominent outlets.

It is not easy to gauge one’s own contribution to the climate debate.

Speaking of which, will I stop work in the climate area? No. I’ll be around.

I know my regulars who are a handful. Thanks to them for their support. A special note of thanks to the readers and commenters at Bishop Hill and Tom Nelson.

I can be reached: nigguraths AT Comments, suggestions and contributions are welcome.



  1. Richard T. Fowler

    I second what Andy said. I hope you reconsider at some point. I have often appreciated your contributions since I became a subscriber. Thank you for all your hard work, which I am sure there’s been a lot of. But someone’s got to do it. Thankfully, you did.


  2. Lars P.

    Shub, thank you for your work. I am not a regular but came in lately and found interesting articles. As for many skeptics I understand there is the other life outside the climate debate which demands its tribute. You did contribute and added valuable points to the climate discussion, maybe time will allow you to come back.

  3. Lance Wallace

    As a long-time lurker at WUWT, CA, and the Bishop, I always enjoyed your comments. I hope you will stick around for a good long time yet, perhaps long enough to see the denoument.

  4. gregole

    Always enjoy your wit, insight and fine style. I’ll be looking forward to seeing you around the web.

  5. dougie

    bit late with a response Shub, but enjoy your posts & comments will be missed by me anyway for your (& partner) diligent research on these topics.

    to much for me to read/comment on, so up against CA,WUWT etc you did well.

    anyway since I started my dialogue with you long time ago with a music link, this seems appropriate (for fun:-), look after yourself.

    all the best

  6. alexjc38

    Shub, I’ll miss your blogging but hope you’ll return – at least be back for Climategate 3 when the passphrase is revealed!