Kenya’s climate change exercise

When I see this, there is a brief heart-crushing moment. These people did nothing to deserve this. Imagine being fooled into thinking that ‘climate change’ is your ticket to the big time.

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We are led to believe Kenya thinks climate change is important. More precisely however, it is Kenyan top dog climate change pressure group Climate Change Working Group, or KCCWG, who thinks so. In fact, it thinks climate change is so important, that it worked tirelessly to draft a climate change bill that even passed through the Kenyan Parliament last December.

But the Kenyan president had other ideas. He sent the bill back to the house, saying there wasn’t enough public participation in its drafting (I guess he forgot to ask Roger Pielke Jr how badly the Kenyans want governmental tackling of global warming).

The KCCWG expressed shock at the decision. But its own internal documents admit that the climate bill was just a private member bill, helped on by Franklin Bett, a man dropping off from the election race for being Kericho‘s governor.

So much for top-down, activist-driven, global warming legislation.

The organizations that fund KCCWG are Trocaire, Christian Aid, Oxfam, Heinrich Boll Stiftung, Norwegian Church Aid, Cordaid, and Cafod.  Many of these are Christian organizations. What are they mucking about in climate change in Africa?

KCCWG also worked with the State University of New York in the drafting of the climate bill. The money? It is from USAID, DFID, AFD, DANIDA, etc.

Donna’s dug up the trail from a nonexistent conference report to the same Christian Aid which became the source for the BBC to claim that Africa is heating up rapidly. The source of the error turns out to be the same Kericho’s. Contrary to the ravings of Carbon Brief, it was likely just a single individual who caught the BBC glibly passing off a 3.5 celsius temperature rise in Africa.

The Kenyan climate bill has tanked. Perfect time to take potshots at those who worked hard in pushing the climate bill in Kenya, eh? Go Hickman.

Incidentally, why does Kenya want a climate bill, one wonders. It turns out, that it wants to ‘reduce’ greenhouse gas ’emissions’. The aborted law had a provision to throw you in jail, for five years, if you flouted it. Not kidding.


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