350.org. This segment was brought to you by the Rockefellers

Almost three years ago, I wrote about climate change propaganda websites. The first exhibit was the one shown below:


William McKibben’s ‘350’ organization has received $10 million in funding over the past 8 years. These are people who make it their business to speak about your money, all the time.

McKibben ideas – which he has for about $25,000 a year – are to deceive people into thinking that fossil fuels are dangerous and should be given up.

McKibben’s hypocrisy, it appears, was well-known. This is David Kamp ‘doing the math’ on his first book (the one with the dead bird on the cover) in Spy magazine, in 1989:


When asked what he wants to do with oil companies, McKibben reportedly said: “I don’t think financially we can cripple them. They’re so big and so rich,”

A while back, he parasitically attached himself to the ‘Occupy’ movement. Get that. A paid shill of the Rockefellers, protesting against the ‘1%’.

Activist trash going down the way of the activist trash.



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  2. A. Nonymous

    $25,000 a year! The scoundrel! How dare the man eat in order to save the world.