Roger Pielke Jr asked to leave the board of Global Environmental Change


He attacked a paper written by Naomi Oreskes and Michael Oppenheimer which showed that climate scientists err on the side of least drama.

Faced by the criticism, the powers that be went behind his back. And he was removed from the journal’s editorial board the paper was published in. Or so he thinks.

Pictured above is a zebra in the Serengeti, as it rolls on the floor laughing.


  • Quoting from RabettRun, the de-appointment letter to Pielke that should have been: “…As you were told on your initial appointment we expect Board Members to review up to five papers per year. We have invited you to review 18 papers in the six years, of which you agreed to review just six and submitted five reviews. Your last review was submitted in August 2010. Last year, in 2012, we invited you to review 3 papers which you declined. Thus, in the last 2.5 years of your second term you reviewed 0 papers for the journal. Based on this record our most courteous conclusion is that your areas of interest are not a good match to the papers submitted to Global Environmental Change and this is increasingly the case. “

  • Why don’t you post with a valid email address, BitBucket?

  • It is/was valid. Mail me.

  • I’ve seen more than one strange email address in the past two days. Your word is good enough.

  • Funny how this only suddenly becomes an issue AFTER he posts his critical review. If they were REALLY wanting to remove him they should have done it…wait for it…18 months ago.

    Then again, this is climate science!

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