The climate debate is over

A couple of days back I was at Ben Pile’s Climate Resistance blog. Ben was taking Paul Ehrlich to the cleaners and on the way, I saw this:

[…], it is notable, then, that there has been no ‘situation of open debate, with experts weighing in, and with interactions between the public, experts, and political decision makers’ that Norton et al speak of, not in the case of recycling or climate change and energy policy in the UK. Indeed, the entire point of constructing supranational political organisations and panels of experts to lead policymaking on climate change has been to circumvent the problem of democracy.

Wait, wait, what? Read that again:

“…there has been no… open debate … in the case of climate and energy policy in the UK”

Well, blow me down! Is Pile suggesting that an open debate about climate change never took place in the UK? Looks like he is.

Would you believe that a couple of brilliant academics and skeptics would actively censor and shut down anyone for saying … the same thing?