Is this the same scientist that created the hockey stick?

The Michael Mann Show has turned into a hoot. The reluctant, accidental public figure that he is, there is now virtually no pause.

Here is the latest from Mann:

The disinformation machine finally appears to be going into full gear now to discredit latest study striking a critical blow against the industry-funded climate change denial campaign.


I mean, the guy even carries a picture of a little pyramid, courtesy his favorite Sourcewatch. Only the all-seeing eye is missing from the top.



  1. Andy

    I was banned from Mann’s Facebook page after only two innocuous comments. He probably looked at my profile and saw all those evil denier friends (including Shub!) that I have.

    I guess I must be part of the global conspiracy, though I didn’t get the memo.

  2. hro001

    I would think that the key word in your post, Shub, can be found in your title: “created”.

    Mann is the Great Misrepresenter (of himself and of all who fail to share his high opinion of himself and his “creations” and/or those of others he has “endorsed”).

    His dedication to “the cause” seems to know no bounds. And if he’s not creating “hockey sticks” he’s creating “conspiracies” – after recently and oh-so-conveniently redefining “conspiracy”.

    As I had observed a year ago – when he first began flogging his book in earnest – Mann is well on his way to becoming known as the David Irving of “climate science”.

    Poor Mikey … it’s really upsetting his little apple-cart that more and more people are beginning to think for themselves – and finding that his pronouncements from his heavily guarded “castle” are, well, somewhat lacking in veracity.

  3. BitBucket

    Did you see the article Mann refers to? Figure D is a scream; you folks will love it, its so sceptical-scientific!

  4. Shub Niggurath

    But the issue here is Mann’s near-constant conspiratorial thinking, isn’t it?

    If a guy thinks like this all the time, it becomes hard to take him seriously.

  5. dougieh

    nice to see you back posting Shub
    Mann what a man is all i can say.

    PS. for fun tool may be relevant here so 🙂