Anne Jolis asks questions to Michael Mann

Can you guess what might happen if you ask a climate scientist a tough question?

He will set his pals on you, that’s what.

Post-Climategate 3.0, emails between a journalist and a climate scientist came to attention (again). In the exchange, you can see Anne Jolis of the Wall Street Journal asking a handful of questions to Michael Mann, a climate scientist of very high repute. Who wouldn’t? Too many questions keep coming up about the same person’s work, people get curious.

This is what Michael Mann did. First, he informed the journalist that all her questions were wrong, and she was committing an ‘offense’.

…premise of essentially everyone of your questions is wrong, …

Misrepresenting the work of scientists is a serious offense, …

Second, he threw a whole bunch of material – links to reports, newspaper clippings, Congressional hearing gossip, and Realclimate blog posts – at Jolis. Funnily, most of the material was dated and irrelevant to her questions.

Stuff flung at journalist by a climate scientist. Note the kitchen sink in the middle.

Third, Mann copied the following people into the conversation:

Joe Romm
Media Matters’ Erikka Knuti
Dan Vergano
Bud Ward
George Monbiot
AJ Walzer
Paul D. Thacker
Chris Mooney
Stephen Schneider
Gavin Schmidt
Stefan Rahmstorf
Phil Jones
Tim Osborn
Henry Pollack
Gabi Hegerl
Benjamin Santer
Richard Littlemore
Someone called ‘DarkSydoftheMoon’

A scientist here and there one can understand, but half the activist world? Chris Mooney? And Richard ‘ we’re all about PR, not much about science’ Littlemore?

Littlemore’s answers are funnier. In response to Jolis’ queries, Littlemore asserts the ‘unprofessional, haphazard or amateurish manipulation of data’, ‘machinations’, ‘motivations’, and ‘professionalism’ of Steve McIntyre, tries to sell his book, and offers to set up an interview with … himself or Jim Hoggan.

Anyone left with doubts about the intellectual bankruptcy of the climate movement at its highest levels?

Incidentally, Anne Jolis won the Bastiat Prize for journalism for 2012. Surely someone who knows to ask good questions.

Anne Jolis



  1. BitBucket

    That email from Anne Jolis to Mann is dated Oct 23rd 2009. Is that really the most interesting and current thing you have found to report on?

  2. Shub Niggurath

    Thanks Bish.

    Trivia: Interestingly if you visit FOIA Grepper today, email aliases i.e. the stuff before the ‘@’ are replaced with ‘???’. So if you search for ‘darksydofthemoon’, or ‘darksyd’, the relevant email comes up but the string itself won’t show on the page.