The New Left Project: Deniers vs Zombies

Through a series of accidents, I ended up at ‘The New Left Project‘, Britain’s latest addition to ‘high quality comment and analysis’ for ‘lively, inclusive culture of left-wing discussion’.

That means sitting in street-side cafes, like Mark Steyn’s Eloi from After America, sipping coffee and chatting lightly about Hugo Chavez, Simon Singh, Egyptian lady cartoonists, Earth Day celebrations and climate change. I think that’s how they thought it will be.

One such staged chit-chat was on climate and zombies. “Global warming roams the streets in incipient zombie form while world thinks it has time for 2°C gong to set it loose” – was the story. Only this thread invaded by a horde of ‘deniers’, offering the usual stupid suggestions about not building solar panels and windmills, and using fossil fuels. Contact was initiated gently by a few ‘veteran deniers’, skilled at these maneuvers. But this was quickly followed by Ben Pile, brownedoff, and yours truly.

Soon the climate zombies retreated to Moderation Cove, with their dear leader holding the fort.

This is how one finds Dear Leader doing it – with this little gem about climate change and its effect on the poor:

And where it is well understood that it is the world’s poorest who stand to suffer the most if serious action [on climate change] is not taken now.

One feels compelled to deliver a message of sorts at this juncture.

Dear Leader of the climate zombies, the poor stand to suffer the most because they live in the lap of nature, in direct contact with the ‘environment’. There is nothing in between.

Want to protect the poor from climate change? Take them out of their environments. Put food, cloth and distance between the two. Well, they’ll do it themselves, just stay out of the way.

Postscript: Dear Leader is one David Wearing, a PhD candidate in foreign relations, with graduate degrees in European philosophy, literature, and international public policy. His name appears on roughly 50 articles on the New Left Project ,  3 articles in Huffington Post UK, 14 in the Guardian, 3 in the New Statesman, 1 in Liberal Conspiracy, 1 in openDemocracy, and 1 in Le Monde Diplomatique. Not a single one of these relates to climate change. Yet he is able to glibly use shopworn material interjecting himself into areas he has little hold of. The New Left Project syndicates articles from a fairly wide range of authors. It carries audio recordings. Yet, it is run by ‘volunteers’ who struggle to keep things going in their ‘spare-time’. Yet, there is no detail on who funds it.



  1. BitBucket

    On protecting the poor from climate change, you say, “they’ll do it themselves, just stay out of the way”. How exactly is a family losing their land to rising water or drought going to “do it themselves”?

  2. Shub Niggurath

    Well, at least they’ll try. As opposed to making their lives more difficult by increasing gas prices and driving up their electricity bill in order to heal the oceans.

  3. omnologos

    you don’t understand …the issue is overpopulation and climate policies are successfully keeping the number of poor people and the aged down. By helping them getting killed by “nature”.

  4. Shub Niggurath

    And yet at the same time, it is ‘poverty’ that is causing ‘environmental degradation’. Environmentalists come in contact with the poor when they try to save nature.

  5. Radical Rodent

    Enjoyed your longer contribution to that discussion; thoughtful and thought-provoking.

    However, that was trumped by the penultimate sentence in the thread: “The NLP comment threads aren’t a space for straightforwardly open debate.” Such sweet irony!