Donna asks: What is Ottmar Edenhofer doing in Nature?

A curious thing caught my eye in the latest email alert from Nature magazine. What was Ottmar Edenhofer doing in Nature, being profiled as a ‘chairman’? It appears Donna noticed the same thing:

It doesn’t say Edenhofer’s a chairman. Rather, three words after mentioning the IPCC, it says he’s the chairman.

The title of the article is a Web special. It reads “IPCC: The Climate Chairman”. Here he is, in print glory:


Donna is right to point out the glowing compliments have little connection with reality. Edenhofer oversaw the wholesale laundering of Greenpeace pamphlet material in the renewable energy IPCC report. He defended it when caught out. His contribution has served to drag down the quality of the process.

If Nature had any respect for science, it would desist from spreading celebrity culture and idolatry in its pages.


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