If CO2 can cause asthma milk can cause autism



UK think-tank Sense About Science (SAS) employee Síle Lane is upset. It is PETA‘s fad du jour campaigning on a milk-autism connection that’s bothering her. Lane is so upset she … had to make a phone call.

I’m going to have to phone them and ask them to meet me on Monday

On Monday PETA file into the Grand Poobah’s office. Lane is not pleased. She finds PETA’s remonstrations on milk-induced autism weak:

He couldn’t answer my questions, so I need to hear from him again when he can.

Professional busybodies like Lane pretend to browbeat organizations like PETA, wringing their hands about milk, parasitizing and cannibalizing on their mass appeal.

For Lane, the public are incompetent idiots who need SAS protection from the trauma of wading through ‘conflicting claims’

…claims like PETA’s add to the pressure to wade through conflicting claims about the condition people affected by autism already feel.

For its part PETA wants to save the children from cow milk:

… cows’ milk might be the perfect food for baby cows, but it might also be making kids sick

How thoughtful of them both.




  1. tchannon

    Not the first time PETA tried it on over Autism.

    So far as we can tell Autism is genetic but why it is only expressed sometimes is a mystery, as is the gene mix. This is not for a lack of looking or thinking, PETA though imagine self is wonderful, other is stupid.

    Then we have some less than bright parents… and certain charities trying it on.

    Bovine milk? Some humans have evolved to tolerate it as adults and some have not. So?

    A tribute http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obituaries/10886838/Lorna-Wing-obituary.html

    Which would you fund PETA or Lorna Wing?

  2. mrpeteraustin

    Here’s how CO2 causes asthma:
    (1) CO2 scares some environmentalists, who successfully lobbied the UK Government to reduce the CO2 from cars.
    (2) Diesel cars produce less CO2 than petrol cars, so UKG used advice and tax changes to make people drive them.
    (3) Diesel exhaust from these extra diesel cars (in real-world driving conditions) contains lots of small particles that irritate the lungs.
    (4) Which causes more asthma