Thanks Realclimate!

Realclimate’s running a post saying they’ve been around for 10 years, thanks etc. They say they are reflecting on their ‘impact’.

On this momentous occasion I want to thank … Realclimate.

In mid 2009, I got involved in an exchange with friends about climate. I followed environmental issues in the past but had kept away from climate. Naively I offered “Al Gore” as argument against climate hype and was roundly beaten back. ‘Oh, it’s all changed now” – I was told. “The science is completely settled, and the Arctic…it has melted away and almost gone”.

Embarrassingly, I was completely unfamiliar with “the science”. Thee question remained in my mind. How had the science changed? How were previous questions so conclusively ‘settled’? What ground-breaking study had accomplished this? What were the key papers that had managed to do it?

Later that year in November when Climategate broke I was at RC, front row seat. This was it – the people who had created some of the ground-breaking fundamental studies, exposed, representing and defending themselves on their own internet forum. The snooty airs of superiority, censorship, the whitewashing and lack of remorse was enough to set me on path to being a ‘climate skeptic’. So thanks, Realclimate.

I don’t think I am the only one with this experience. Paul writes about how he ran into Stefan Rahmstorf at Realclimate who appears to have tipped him over. Judith Curry is a well-known member of the ‘tipped over by RC’ club. You hear the same repeated over and over – almost as if Realclimate were one of the engines of distrust in the online climate world. Commenter Curt at Jeff Id’s blog’s says it:

… First found RealClimate, but it quickly put my internal BS detector into overdrive, both by its technical claims and its general attitude. …

That is the ‘impact’. As Nature reluctantly admitted ‘closing [our] eyes will not make the climate sceptics go away’. To which we can add ‘let alone going away Realclimate is making them everyday’.




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  2. Latimer Alder

    I was already embarked on my journey towards scepticism. But climategate and the sheer arrogance of the crew at Real Climate certainly gave me an extra huge shove towards it.

    I’d studied a hard science to masters level so knew a little about how proper scientists behaved from seeing my professors and tutors in action at close range. But the climo guys were modelling themselves on mobsters in a gang war rather than objective seekers after truth. That their compadres in ‘the climate science community’ still defended and applauded their behaviour amazed and depressed me. But it opened my eyes to their methods and motivations.

    Nowadays my default position on hearing new claims from climos isn’t a million miles away from that of the feared UK political interviewer, Jeremy Paxman. ‘What is this lying bastard lying to me about today?’. And I owe a lot of that to Real Climate.

    Congratulations guys! Long may you continue to drive people to the sceptic cause.

  3. hunter

    I was a beleiver in human caused cliamte catastrophe until I noted the similarities between the promoters of the catastrophe and televangelists hustling the apocalypse. That set off my bs detector and then I looked at the claims and predictions of the climate catastrophists. To be kind, they were full of crap. Not one climate catastrophe prediction has been accurate. Not one claim about the state of the lcimate passes the historical context test, or the accuracy test. Then climategate broke and we saw the inside of the sausage machine: Upton Sinclair woud have found the hypocrisy, fraud, cronyism, and plain bad faith of the climate hype promoters to be amazing.
    Real Climate is part and parcel of the institutional corruption that infects climate science.

  4. hunter

    Gavin’s brief post climategate brush with integrity and his return to arrogant ideologue demonstrated to me a cowed conscience and willing participation.

  5. christina pearson

    Thank God for some good old commonsense! Our politicians don’t seem to possess or they don’t have the guts to admit to the hoax.