Greenpeace Nazca Lines Selfiegate

end greenpeace

Greg Laden, of the Soldiers of the Climate Consensus Brigade, is calling for the ‘end of Greenpeace’. This is his reaction to Greenpeace stomping around the Nazca lines taking pictures, leaving boot-prints and chicken scratches on the ground for posterity to endure.

greenpeace nazca letters-01 - Copy

The key to the mystery of Greg Laden’s reaction is that Greg Laden trained as an anthropologist. In his own words, Laden got a ‘fancy PhD from Harvard in Archaeology and Biological Anthropology’, and  Masters and undergraduate training in anthropology.

So you see when Greenpeace pulled their stunt the monumental stupidity of the act sunk right in. Laden got it right away.

This is not the only act of cultural vandalism in Peru. Earlier, Greenpeace parties visited Macchu Pichu doing banner drops and projection stunts. Craig Rucker of CFACT—one of the few skeptical organizations to attend the COPs—asked Greenpeace leadership about the locals’ reaction to their act:

Teske Machu Picchu-01 - CopyRecognize the person? It is Sven Teske – involved previously in permanently writing Greenpeace’s claims about renewable energy into an IPCC working group 3 report. You could consider it an act of scientific vandalism. When Steve McIntyre worked out Greenpeace’s handiwork he called for the IPCC WG3 to be terminated.

The pattern observed here won’t be lost on Greg Laden.




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  3. jorgekafkazar

    The difference here is that Greg Laden really knows something about anthropology. He only thinks he knows about climate science.

  4. Jane F

    From personal experience I can agree with all above comments. He banned my link to climateaudit because it was from “stolen” emails.

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