More bitter bile … and then there’s physics

Following a previous post that was picked up by Bishop Hill, the physicist-climate blogger Andthentheresphysics (ATTP) participated in two long-running threads there with comments running well over 500 in number. The discussions were successful and a plan for world peace was finalized.

On a serious note, it was a good exchange between several commenters. These are qualified professionals and hardened cynics with longstanding interest and strong opinions in climate. This is as good as it can get.

But it was not enough. After having roundly taken part, ATTP has gone back to his blog to bash Bishop Hill and its readers. As I was involved in both discussions, I am partly responsible.

Some background: ATTP banned me from his blog, not once but twice. His actions were replicated by his blog friends. But such actions were not limited – several commenters were serially handed bans one after the other. So history is not beautiful here and not on the physicist’s side. Despite the above, I engaged in both threads and particularly in the second one. The end result is here:

In my opinion Andrew Montford should be ashamed of the site he’s running, of what he promotes on that site, and what he allows people to say in the comments.

Using a blog handle means you can do things one using his own name wouldn’t do—like talking to people across the divide. As someone who kept communicating with ATTP despite repeated rebuffs from him and his moderator, I feel foolish. I don’t know why I tried. For some people sticking the climate knife is more importantI may be a sucker for punishment but good things have to come out at the end. 

Lessons learnt.



  1. Scottish Sceptic

    He’s to physics what a TV film of a coldfish tank is to fish. He makes all the right noises and it looks like physics but it’s only 2dimensional with no depth.

  2. foxgoose

    It’s time Anders “came out” and showed his devoted followers what a hot-shot, highly qualified physicist he really is.

    He’s gradually changed his pitch from a reasonably dispassionate scientific approach – to blatant run-of-the-mill green activism.

    He’s also got a weird, narcissistic tendency which allows him to be snide & nasty to opponents – and then run away to tell a “poor little me” story to anyone who’ll listen.

  3. omnologos

    he is not honest. that was clear almost from day one. this is evidence number 10,256.

    and his blog has mostly a mental health function. people go there to find other people who pat them in the back. it’s a social media form of agoraphobia, I suspect.

  4. Spence_UK

    Theresphysics is a real oddball, he seems to swing from “trying to engage” to red mist/shouting/insults at the drop of a hat. It is difficult to take someone seriously who describes WUWT as a “hate site” when his usual commenters (Bloom, Willard, WHUT, Venema, BBD) rank amongst the least pleasant warmer activists on the internet. If it wasn’t for the likes of Pekka and Tom Curtis I would say that place would have no redeeming features.

    And I know theresphysics is absolutely clueless about basic principles of scientific methods from my discussions with him, but I had to laugh when Tom Curtis had to explain some of the HP Lovecraft references. Apparently clueless about science, culture and the arts, too. Ouch.

    If you’re reading, ATTP, here is a little background at a level anyone can engage at:

  5. JamesG

    I agree with aTTP on only one thing: Nic Lewis should stop calling the median a “best estimate” of climate sensitivity. There is no evidence that it is any such thing and so it causes unnecessary diversion and division. Frankly I think the mode is the best estimate because the median has no relationship to probability whatsoever. But of course we don’t need any calcs because all we have to do is look at the probability graph and notice that the sensitivity is, as the underlying physics dictates, skewed to the lower values.