Slowdown Seepage Catfight

Slow? Slow compared to what? Reality is not slow, or fast or anything. Reality is what it is.

Yes, it’s slow compared to the ’90s. So? That’s ‘slow’ only if you expected it would continue to warm at the same rate.

It’s also slow compared to the models. That’s not ‘slow’, that’s the models being fast. The models are hotter. And the models are definitely man-made.

So yes, it’s not the climate that’s slow.

It’s the models that are hot, and your expectations that were high.



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  1. Simon Hopkinson (@sjhopkinson)

    I made the same point on JC’s Facebook post about Mann’s new co-authored paper. They’re describing the 2000s rate of warming as “unusual”, countering Lewandowsky’s claim that it was “not unusual”. In the process, they elevate the models to benchmark status. I argue for using the word “unanticipated” rather than “unusual” for the rate of early 21st C warming. The problem is not the climate but the models’ version of it.