Skeptics set to lose climate debate?


Larry Kummer of Fabius Maximus writes on WUWT how skeptics could lose the climate debate in the US.

The skeptics have already lost the climate debate. The thing is a disastrous mess waiting for the right alignment of stars to tumble into the ditch.

The Obama administration’s attempts at pushing legislative (and extra-legislative) climate measures have been relentless. Cap-and-trade failed but was quickly followed by the EPA’s rulemaking efforts on CO2. A lackluster performance at Copenhagen was followed by a masterful bullying act at Paris.

Paris is hands-down a success for the climate alarmists. To those quick to point out the agreement is not legally binding: how did we reach a point where the legality of a monstrous agreement like Paris is the consolation?

‘Paris’ is like the patchwork homunculus of Korbal Broach. A skittering mass of disparate climate body parts cobbled together, it has life breathed into it at the moment. Before long the COP technocracy will attempt to give it teeth. Enforcement, punitive measures, sanctions, and trade wars are coming.

The Obama administration climate agenda has temporarily stalled with the states putting up a fight at the US Supreme Court. But these moves are temporary. Regardless of who wins the next general election, the climate agenda will roll on.

With Clinton the default position is continuation of the status quo. With Trump, there is a good chance he would be tempted by climate activism presented as an opportunity to economically hurt China, India and Mexico. It is not clear the others have any coherent climate-related ideas, or whether they stand a chance of winning.

Kummer cites opinion polls as elements that sway the climate debate one way or the other. While this is certainly true, climate activists have accomplished much damage with little active public support. Climate activism is a top-down elite-driven process that sustains itself. Public support for its actions is just an added bonus or an irritant, depending on how it turns.

Defeating climate activism in the US requires significant restructuring of how climate science is funded and conducted, and the complete winding down of the COP process.



  1. catweazle666

    Kummer is a scientific illiterate who hasn’t a clue what he’s pontificating about. He should stick to history.

    Thing is, we sceptics have major advantage, because this gorgeous lady is on our side.

    Very soon now, even the most evangelical are going to have to concede that.