Gavin Schmidt: Brexit would lead to more than street killings of MPs

Yesterday British MP Jo Cox was killed by an attacker while going about meeting people in her constituency. The shocking incident set off a train of thoughts in Gavin Schmidt, who is from Britain.

A sudden crisis nearly always brings out hidden currents, which may have otherwise never surfaced. In his string of tweets Schmidt appears to blame ‘Brexit’ for the killing. His tweets followed the incident so closely in time there was no reliable information on motive.

The only possibility, then, is Schmidt was influenced by early reports that said the killer shouted “Britain first!” or the Guardian’s Polly Toynbee who wrote a long article squarely laying the blame for the murder at Brexit’s feet.

Schmidt pulls the trick climate activists have been resorting to, for decades:

schmidt copy

This is an incredible giveaway, isn’t it? Here we have an activist climate scientist, in the throes of a heated crisis, capitalizing on an event to attribute blame for murder on his political opponents, and going beyond, that if his side is defeated — in a fair election no less — more such incidents would occur.

It is speculation, wrapped in plausible deniability, capped off with a threat. How does he know the incident had anything to do with ‘Leave’?

Rremember, reliable information available on the killer’s motive was next-to-none at the time he wrote this. Yet Gavin Schmidt was quick off the bat.

Why wouldn’t I think he does the same with climate, and weather? ‘While no single weather event can be attributed to anthropogenic global warming, more such disasters would occur in a climate-changed world’ — how many times have we heard this from activists and scientists alike?

It is a reflexive exploitation of a crisis – you ascribe blame on your target, and while you cannot be fully sure it was what caused it, you nevertheless proceed to forecast more of the same, investing the threat with a cloak of probabilism.

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  1. Hilary Ostrov (aka hro001)

    Schmidt rarely fails to disappoint on the shallow and callow fellow front. And this string of his tweets is certainly no exception. Apart from finding it highly embarrassing that he (along with Mann and far too many others of their climateering ilk) is ostensibly a member of my tribe, I see that he’s running in true shoot-from-the-lip form.

    Mind you, considering that he was a refugee from Egypt, who (at least now) calls himself “culturally Jewish” – whatever that is supposed to mean – I do wonder about his parents’ possible failure to educate him. Certainly nothing I’ve ever seen emanating from Schmidt’s keyboard would suggest that he has any acquaintance with Jewish history, culture and/or values.

    Considering his twists ‘n turns on the immediate post-Climategate front** it will be interesting to see how he chooses to conduct himself when the actual facts become known.

    ** Even the great Revkin – yet another embarrassing member of my tribe, I believe – had to finally acknowledge Schmidt’s shortcoming four years ago. See here and here.

    Can’t put my mouse on it, at the moment, but about the only good deed one might attribute to Schmidt is his professed abhorrence of the D-word being used in reference to those who do not share his obeisance to chapter and verse of the “climate bible”.

  2. Sundance

    If anything, the use of an MP’s corpse as a podium from which ‘Bremain’ polemics are espoused is counterproductive. The desperate attempts to tie the Cox killing to Brexit in conjunction with the Bob Geldof fiasco has led toa very bad week for Bremain who now looks like desperate elitist thugs.

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  4. manicbeancounter

    Now that Brexit has happened, attacks on MPs may increase as a result. But it is nothing to do with climate change and indeed nothing to do with those that fought hardest for Vote Leave. The increase in physical attacks may be as a result of the post-Brexit in the Labour Party from the Momentum Group that supports Jeremy Corbyn.
    Already there have been
    – Threats of violence made against MPs who have stepped down from the Shadow Cabinet and voted against the leader in the no-confidence motion.
    – Deselection campaigns
    – Protests in the constituencies of the MPs
    – Protests outside Parliament.
    – Social media intimadatory campaigns.
    It only takes for somebody unhinged under these circumstances to have a go. But like with the climate internet trolls, such an event is not the intent, nor a desirable outcome. The intent is to make the opponents give up and go away.