Astrophysics Alienpsychosis

Imagine a researcher studies the ideas of psychiatric ward patients suffering hallucinations. “It’s staggering, ” he concludes, ” the evidence points to aliens controlling the minds of these people via special radio waves.”

Now picture a group of astronomers studying the brightness of a distant star (called KIC 8462852). “It is astounding, ” they conclude, “the evidence points to aliens controlling the brightness levels of the star via an enormous mega-structure.”

In the world around you today, if a researcher concluded the former, he would be thrown into an asylum himself. If he arrived at the latter conclusion – that aliens were controlling the brightness of a star – he would be paraded in the front pages of newspapers and be given media interviews.

Want to make lots of money, be famous and sell out? Join science and push out your premature conclusions. Just make sure you include a ‘sci-comm’ hook, like aliens.




  1. Oliver K. Manuel

    Modern science is pure propaganda.

    The universe expands because compacted neutrons [(e-,p+) pairs] in the cores of galaxies and stars are being transformed into interstellar hydrogen atoms [expanded (e-,p+) pairs] with a volume change of V(f)/V(I) = 10^39.

  2. Oliver K. Manuel

    Einstein (1905) discovered, then Aston measured (1922) and Weizsacker (1935) and Bethe (1936) hid neutron repulsion as the source of energy that powers the universe.

    Their error is the slope in the baseline used to calculate nuclear binding energy, shown by the sloping line across the top of
    _ a.) Figure 2 in a manuscript published in a recent issue of IJAR or across the top of
    _ b.) Figure 3 in a recent paper on pages 86-87 of the London Conference volume on GeoEthics and Climate Change.