Paris codpiece

Jim Stimson writes companies would like the US administration under Trump to support ‘the accord as a codpiece, to be worn for public-relations purposes.’

Public relations exercises usually cover for some unpalatable facet or action. What exactly would the Paris agreement provide cover for?

According to Stimson it would be for the US ’embrace of coal and such massive oil projects.’

Here’s the deal: if you feel guilty about coal and oil projects, why do it? Why pretend you are against Paris, run campaigns against it and then fold? The point of opposing Paris is not about finding some loophole to continue to use fossil fuels, it’s about not needing to find such justifications. If your instincts are weak, you’re weak. If you need a codpiece for your very existence, you don’t deserve to.

We learn companies like Exxon, BP and Royal Dutch Shell support the Paris accord ‘likely because of the accord’s weakness.’

The whole purpose of the voluntary non-binding nature of the Paris agreement is to make political objections to it harder. If Paris presented a hard front as ‘Kyoto II,’ it would have been an easy target to take down. Todd Stern and his minions knew this going in.

todd stern

I wrote about this earlier:

People don’t see it this way but one of the innovations of the Paris agreement is its non-binding nature, and it needs to be shot down for this very corrupting influence.

With things headed the way they are, I see this prediction from April last year coming true soon:



  1. Ron Clutz

    The codpiece analogy is apt, but behind the scenes there is lots of blame and shame stockpiling.

    The IEA declared 2017 to be the tipping point for climate action. From the World Energy Outlook:

    “If internationally co-ordinated action is not implemented by 2017, we project that all permissible CO2 emissions in the 450 Scenario will come from the infrastructure then existing, so that all new infrastructure from then until 2035 would need to be zero-carbon. This would theoretically be possible at very high cost, but probably not practicable in political terms.”

    “If we do not change course, by 2015 over 90% of the permissible energy sector emissions to 2035 will already be locked in. By 2017, 100%.”

    “We can still act in time to preserve a plausible path to a sustainable energy future; but each year the necessary measures get progressively tougher and viciously more expensive. So, let’s not wait any longer!”

    Maria van der Hoeven
    Executive Director
    International Energy Agency.
    World Energy Outlook 2011

    According to this, starting next year there is nothing we can do except adapt to weather as it happens.

  2. Will Janoschka

    I think the Donald and his daughter agree,
    The Paris COP Fiasco is a non issue! the USA never participated, only obummer! Ignore the whole damned thing, it will go away! Much more important things to do correctly!