Off Twitter

I am moving off Twitter. The problems I mentioned three years ago regarding Twitter have only gotten worse. The platform is in the forefront of engineering a new ‘safe’ internet haven that only disgusts me with each passing day. The censoriousness, the shaming campaigns, the monetization of shaming campaigns and destruction of people’s reputations and lives, the struggle sessions, and last but not least, the fake happy tweet collections called ‘Moments’ – there is only so much plastic Silicon Valley crap one person can take.

What would I miss the most? Interacting with my ‘twitter friends’ –  a group of people whose faces and messages I saw everyday. Honestly, I would be incredibly happy if I got to continue to talk to them on a different platform, or even see their posts occasionally, anywhere. And the odd chance to interact directly with people whom you respect and admire. 

I plan to get back to writing more. This would be a ‘new’ intellectually satisfying and fruitful way to do things that drew me online, in the first place.




  1. Patrick healy

    Well sir you have been missed. In thought something serious had happened to your welcome back to the real world.
    It puzzles me why anyone uses the platforms of the ‘dark side’s
    If you must ‘twit’ why not use Gab?
    I only use duckduckgo for searching.
    Start page in place of ‘googlie’
    Vidme in place of the You tube.
    Wrong think and minds in place of ‘buckface’
    Hit the bastards in their pocket I say.