Met Office quid pro quo science

The latest kid on the climate activist block – and these are constantly born each year – is Extinction Rebellion, a UK-based boomer-adolescent activist group whose ranks are swelled with academics.

Extinction Rebellion has made a name for itself making absurd demands, and pulling assorted antics that include stripping, marching, yelling and vandalization. Which is required to get news coverage, which in turn legitimizes their actions by leading to a Wikipedia page because Wikipedia will only quote official news sources.

Their latest stunt was a traffic-snarling march around London that included smashing glass and painting graffiti. Activist ‘Olivia Evershed’ is quoted by the AP as saying:

If we don’t do anything to change this, our children will die”

This is the new breed of climate activism: marked by utter vapidity and ignorance. This is a generational shift in action.

David Rose posted:

This is Richard Betts’ response:

That’s right: the only way you’re going to get criticism of idiots like Extinction Rebellion from Richard Betts is if Rose repeats the IPCC catechism at the Mail on Sunday. Even then, Betts will deign to explain why ’emissions need to be zero,’ i.e, why Extinction Rebellion is correct.

There are no responses from Tamsin Edwards, Doug McNeall, Gavin Schmidt or ‘Climate Feedback’ ( basically Victor Venema’s ego pad).

In the past few weeks to months, scientists were dewy-eyed about Greta Thunberg, a child who is perhaps the first documented case of ‘scienxploitation.’ Not one person who seemed a bit concerned about the use of children in pushing political agendas, either.

There is a tacit silence in the face of scientific ignorance of the young. This is something new, something missing in earlier years. This is climate activism admitting defeat: they need to go down to 10- and 12-year olds to find believers.

No, scientists don’t have to criticize activists once in a while to balance out some kind of a scorecard. But science doesn’t need deal-making of any kind to be shown correct, either. No journalist is under any obligation to be stenographer for the IPCC

Activists have dragged the name of science into the mud but that doesn’t seem to bother scientists much. Here is the website of ScientistsWarning whose UK head is Alison Green, a lead signatory to Extinction Rebellion’s latest letter to the Guardian:

Some more:

and more…

… and on and on it goes, with more junk buzz words like ‘fly less’ and links to organizations equally as ridiculous as ‘the Alliance of World Scientists.’

Where are the scientists who will laugh these clowns off the podium?



  1. Richard Betts

    As I also said on twitter:
    Do I think “our children will die if we don’t achieve zero emissions by 2025”? No
    Did that specific claim actually get made? No
    Do some people supporting emissions cuts say silly things? Yes
    Do some people opposing emissions cuts say silly things? Also Yes. Quite often, in fact!

  2. Richard Betts

  3. Patrick healy

    1/ Who is this Mr Betts? In our area of Tayside they were house builders (quite good actually) who went bankrupt. Is he any relation?
    2/ I see one of these deranged individuals who are disrupting London is (would you believe?) a general practitioner. A doctor to whom you would submit the state of your health to. God save us from these crazies.
    I learned, in a very backward rural school, over 60 years ago, in our botany class; that carbon dioxide was plant food.
    Could some one more enlightened than I, please explain which part of science has changed since then?

  4. Shub Niggurath

    Yes, Richard, but there is no need for journalists or anyone to accept the IPCC’s conclusions in order for scientists to ‘clean house.’ Can you imagine blocking traffic for this?! In the UK? The UK has the Climate Change Act, but no, that’s not enough. We need to ‘make it a crime to destroy the Earth,’ apparently. They are doing this in science’s name and in your name, to be clear.

  5. Paul Matthews

    Here is Richard Betts enthusiastically promoting the fanatical extremists of Extinction Rebellion, on the same day that David Rose posed his question:

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