Since when is being a skeptic a bad thing?

Roger Pielke Jr has complained several times on Twitter about Scott Waldman of EENews labeling him a climate skeptic in an article. Science magazine, that bastion of propriety, has republished the pay-walled article here.

There is a long thread here explaining what happened – juicy email excerpts included.

Roger wants EENews to characterize him and his position correctly, and that’s fair enough.

But since when is being labeled a skeptic – inadvertently, or even deliberately – character assassination?

One could understand if the word ‘denier’ was used. But, skeptic?

Should Pielke Jr be in such a rush to salvage his reputation from alleged insult from every dog and pony outfit that he surrenders simple words that mean nothing nefarious to the climate police?

It’s like watching George Costanza rushing out of a children’s party when a fire breaks out.

Or, knowing the kind of people he deals with in his field – a field of his own choosing – knowing the kind of ratfuckers they are, eager visit consequences upon you for being labeled a skeptic on EENews, Pielke Jr should have perhaps carefully avoided criticism of climate science.

By his own logic, that is the only way of being ‘smeared’ as a climate skeptic.


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