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Keith Kloor is a climate skeptic

Once in a while someone commits a Freudian slip and you get an enormous window into what they are thinking. Keith Kloor committed one recently and immediately put a whole lot of people, including Kloor himself, in trouble.

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‘Never mind the quality, feel the width’: Skeptical message to Keith Kloor

We just saw our scientist friends at Realclimate publish a hostile book review of climate scientist Roy Spencer’ ‘The great global warming blunder’ just as a number of violent tornadoes hit his home state of Alabama, quickly followed by an assertion by the chief writer of that website that climate change must have ‘somehow’ affected these tornadoes. The timing of the publishing of the review was just sheer co-incidence? Hmmm…Hard to say ‘yes’, harder to say ‘no’ too.

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Marina Silva: Keith Kloor’s nightmare

Marina Silva

Marina Silva, senator from the Brazilian state of Acre, presidential candidate for 2010 coming in third but polling an impressive 19% of the votes, is a charismatic figure. An ardent environmentalist, she is popular and well respected in the movement.

She was environment minister for Brazil from 2003 to 2008 and is considered a key architect in Brazil’s changed stance in the UN climate talks and willingness to strike compromises.

In April this year, she gave what was termed a rousing speech at the National Mall, Washington DC. It is said that she used Facebook for campaigning and appealed to young voters on sustainability issues.

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